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Meet Pilates Teacher Deena Neimat!

We are excited to welcome Deena Neimat to our Pilates teaching team at Holly’s Pilates Village. Deena recently completed her comprehensive Pilates certification under the direction of Pilates Sports Center Master Teacher Trainer Teresa Willis.

Deena was raised in Baltimore. She graduated from the University of Maryland and pursued additional study in New Media Design at MICA and the University of Toronto. She continues a thriving practice as a graphic designer working with small businesses to help them achieve integral brand identity.

As a lifelong learner, Deena prides herself on exploring new ideas and practices. She discovered Pilates after her third pregnancy. She recalls, "The core conditioning and alignment I discovered in my own practice was unlike any type of exercise I had tried; I was immediately hooked." She quickly proceeded not only to be an avid practitioner but also to pursue teacher training at Holly’s Pilates Village so that she could more completely understand the theory of Pilates and further her own practice. She obtained comprehensive Pilates certification in 2020.

Deena discovered a passion for teaching others to find balance through movement. "Pilates is unique in its technique to strengthen and target areas that are weak due to a lack of conditioning or injury. Bringing awareness to how we carry ourselves daily can have a tremendous impact on our health."

Deena enjoys sharing this discovery of self with each of her students as they work together for a greater understanding of how effective healthy movement can be. When she’s not in the studio, Deena is likely designing something, spending time with her children, or working in her garden.

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