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Beginner Introductory Package

New to pilates?

Injuries or osteoporosis?

Start with Private Sessions

We recommend the Beginner Introductory Package to all students who are new to Pilates.


This package is essential for anyone with injuries or special conditions, such as osteoporosis.


Your first private session is $55. You can also get 5 additional private classes for just $325 -- saving $70 from our normal private rate.


You will learn correct movement and breath patterns in addition to the Pilates repertoire on multiple pieces of equipment. Many clients will be able to move to small group classes after this time, but progression will be determined in consultation with our teaching team. 

Intro to Group Equipment
& Mat/Springboard Classes

New to Pilates, and free from injuries, conditions, and osteoporosis?

Holly would like to speak with you before you come for the first time.

After speaking with Holly, drop into these classes anytime if you are free from injuries and special conditions. Alternatively, take Private Sessions (above).

Beginner-Level Class Schedule

Tuesday, 9:00 am. Mat Springboard

Tuesday, 5 pm. Intro Pilates Class with Apprentice Teachers

Wednesday, 10:00 am. Intro to Group Equipment

Thursday, 9 am. Mat/Springboard

Thursday, 5:30 pm. Intro to Group Equipment

Saturday, 10 am. Intro to Group Equipment


Returning Students

Returning to Holly's Pilates Village after an absence? Joining from another studio? 

Let us help you pick the right classes.

No Extra Charge


Class Videos

video of a pilates class
video of a pilates class

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