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Introducing Pilates Teacher Elizabeth Austin

We are so excited to welcome Elizabeth Austin to our teaching team. Elizabeth recently completed her comprehensive Pilates certification with guidance from Master Teacher Trainers Teresa Willis and Holly Holland through the studio's partnership with Pilates Sports Center (PSC).

Elizabeth has a bachelor's degree in history from St. Mary's College and initially worked in human resources before she became a full-time mother to three daughters. When she began practicing Pilates 12 years ago, she immediately recognized the benefits to her body and mind.

As a teacher, she draws on her own experience to help others make similar gains in strength, flexibility, and balance.

"Having practiced for so many years through many body changes, I know that it can be adjusted for almost every type of client," Elizabeth says. "My goal is for clients to feel more in tune with their bodies and recognize that being stronger can happen at any age and stage of life."

Elizabeth also works part-time in communications for the City of Saint Matthews and is a huge fan of Notre Dame football. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and reading.

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