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Yoga Detailed Class Descriptions

Balanced Yoga, All Levels

Balance plays a fundamental role in functional movement, and it’s necessary to intentionally focus on balance as we age. This class will explore where we can feel balance in our bodies and strengthen areas where we don’t. We can approach everyday activities with more confidence and ease when we practice proprioception (feeling our place in space) and coordination, strengthen muscles, and breathe mindfully. All levels are welcome.

Bone Strong Yoga for Osteoporosis

Build stronger bones and improve your balance with research-based sequences and modifications that help protect areas that are prone to fracture. Enjoy a flowing and playful class that will open tight areas of the body while challenging your strength and stamina.

Slow Flow Yoga, All Levels

Learn how to heat the body from the inside and build strength, flexibility, and balance as you move from one pose to another, linked by intentional breath. Savor each sensation while unifying movement and breath in this fluid class that is perfect for a yogi at any experience level. Reconnect your mind, body, and spirit. You will leave feeling energized and refreshed.

Yoga Classes

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