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Update 8/1/2020

PSC Pilates Teacher Training at Holly's Pilates Village is ON!


As the world changed last spring because of the coronavirus, so did the schedule for Teacher Training at Holly's Pilates Village. 

"There was so much change so quickly that it just seemed best to table it until we knew more," said Master Teacher Trainer Teresa Willis, who directs the studio's instructional program. "But now that we do know more, I'm more inspired and enthusiastic than ever!"


Just how is Pilates relevant in our new normal? Through virtual teaching, Pilates can be a lifeline to people stuck at home. Many of our clients gained strength and confidence with virtual home practice.

"When we did come back to the studio, Holly, Barry, and (Custodian) Donna had put so much time and attention into creating a safe space with exceptional cleaning protocols that those people who did return told us that they felt safer at the village than anywhere except their own homes," Teresa said. 


Many new clients have started practicing, as well. Weeks at home led to new resolutions for self-care. Clearly, there is still great demand for highly trained Pilates teachers!


As a new career choice, Pilates Instruction offers a healthy alternative to days spent at a desk. Teaching Pilates provides a life of meaningful service, helping people take care of themselves and reduce their pain and discomfort. In addition, studios are a safe and attractive alternative to gyms.


And Pilates teachers can build an at-home business through virtual classes.


To meet the needs of our post-Covid world, Teacher Training is shifting as well.

  • Participants must observe social distancing regulations and wear masks in all in-studio sessions.

  • Virtual instruction will be available in case of further shutdowns. 

  • PSC offers excellent online materials to supplement live instruction.

  • A percentage of required observation hours can now be completed online.

  • A new section on teaching virtually will be added to the curriculum.


If you are interested in this vital and exciting career, contact Master Teacher Trainer Teresa Willis at 818.631.6743.


Update 7/7/2020

Make Time for Connections During COVID-19!

We've always believed in the power of community at Holly's Pilates Village. But building personal relationships has never been more important than during the pandemic, which has forced many of us to be isolated from friends and family.

Nearly 30% of the U.S. population -- 35.7 million people -- live alone. Without regular interactions through work and social contacts, many people are at risk of suffering from acute loneliness, which can lead to physical illness, depression, anxiety, and more.

Studies show that "people without social support also have lower chances of full recovery after a serious illness than people with a strong network," writes Jamie Ducharme in a recent issue of TIME. "The health consequences of loneliness are often likened to the effects of smoking 15 cigarettes a day."

A 2007 study by Dr. Steve Cole at the UCLA School of Medicine found that white blood cells of people suffering from acute loneliness stayed on high alert as if they were responding to a bacterial infection. 

We know that hugging is one of the best ways to release oxytocin in the body and to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms the mind and body. If you are missing the actual physical hugs from teachers, other students, and Barry at the front desk, please join one of our in-studio or virtual classes this week. Even behind masks and computer screens, you will experience the same camaraderie and collaboration that you have always appreciated at Holly's Pilates Village. Seeing the faces (online or in person) of those we know and have relationships with helps reduce loneliness. And we need you back in our lives.

Woman with Protective Mask

Update 6/14/2020

Can Squats Combat COVID-19?

It's time to get off our butts and start using them, folks!

Update 5/24/2020

Studio Reopening for Private, Semi-Private, and Group Classes
Virtual Classes Will Continue


We're so excited to welcome you back to the studio! Private sessions will begin the week of May 25, and small group classes will resume on June 1.


As we shift towards resuming in-studio classes, we will continue to offer virtual sessions for those who are unable to return to the studio. Please check the schedule each week for updates.


Group classes will now be held in the yoga room, with no more than 6 people per session.

When you return to the studio, you will notice some changes due to social distancing restrictions and our new cleaning protocols. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the studio meets the recommendations from Gov. Andy Beshear and the CDC guidelines.

Most importantly, before entering the studio--and at all times while in the studio--each person must wear a mask that covers both the nose and mouth. Please do not come to the studio if you feel ill or have been exposed to anyone with the Coronavirus during the 14 days prior to your appointment. 


Please arrive on time for your session. Because we no longer are able to have a waiting room, we ask that you not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment. Please come dressed for your workout because Coronavirus hygiene issues restrict us from maintaining changing rooms.

We also ask that you gather your belongings as soon as the session ends and depart. (We will miss the lingering interaction within the community, but these are the circumstances of the pandemic.) Each piece of equipment must be thoroughly sanitized for at least 10 minutes before reuse, so our team members will be busy cleaning between sessions. 

Read our new "Healthy at Work" Protocols document:

Update 4/26/2020

Preparing for a New Kind of Pilates Studio: In Person, At Home, and In Between!

What will our new normal be when Gov. Andy Beshear gives the okay to reopen? We have been busy behind the scenes trying to figure out a new hybrid model of instruction that will include many of the VIRTUAL at-home sessions that we have been providing for several weeks AND in-studio sessions.

Fitness studios such as Holly’s Pilates Village are covered in Phase One of the reopening plan, which may be in early May if the state’s criteria are met. When the governor gives the okay, we will be ready! As always, we will continue to be fastidious about cleaning the studio and equipment and reviewing local orders and CDC guidelines. To that end, we will:


  • Ensure that there is enough space between students.

  • Expand the window between lessons so that we can thoroughly disinfect the equipment.

  • Limit the number of teachers and students in the studio at any one time to eliminate congestion.

  • Wear protective masks while in the studio.

  • Take the temperatures of teachers and students before they enter the studio.

Additionally, we would love to hear your ideas about creating a fitness and wellness space that can serve you and your family members today and in the future. Please check your email for the survey link.

Update 4/8/2020

Inspirational video message from Holly Holland during this difficult time.

Update 4/3/2020

Free Community Yoga Class Starts This Week!

To help reduce the stress and anxiety that many of us are experiencing, Holly Holland is offering a gift to the community of 1 free virtual yoga class, which is offered on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Learn the fundamentals of yoga while improving your flexibility, strength, and balance. This class is perfect for beginners, as well as more experienced yoga practitioners. Modifications for those who can’t get up and down from the floor will be provided.


Although the class is free, each session is limited to 10 first-time participants. Also, all participants must submit a liability form and sign up for class at least 2 hours before the start of class so Holly can send you the class link. 

Update 4/3/2020

Holly has updated information about online classes.


Update 3/29/2020

Need help getting your iPad or iPhone set up for live stream remote instruction? Teresa Willis shares some tips to keep your workouts going at home.

Update 3/23/2020

Live Stream Classes Now Available!

After a week of trial sessions, we are ready to roll out a new schedule of group classes through live stream remote instruction. We are using the Zoom platform (go to to sign up for free access on your computer or download the zoom app to use on your cell phone). 

You can sign up for classes, just as before, on Mindbody, and all existing class packages can be used to pay for the classes. We’ve included many of your favorite classes on the remote schedule, along with a few additions and some day and time changes. For example, we have added a Slow Flow Yoga class on Mondays at 6 p.m. and have provided 2 Deep Stretch Pilates classes on Thursdays. 

We ask that you sign up at least 2 hours before the start of class to ensure that the instructors can email you the instructions for accessing the classes. Our 24-hour cancellation policy will remain in place. 

Update 3/23/2020

How to Participate in Group and Private and Semi-Private Sessions

If you would like to take private or semiprivate classes, please reach out to Barry or your regular instructor to schedule the session. We have options for splitting 55-minute regular sessions into 2 30-minute sessions, if needed.

Update 3/21/2020

Free Exercises and Community Connections on Facebook!

We are also adding short exercise sequences each day on Facebook to help you stay conditioned and connected with each other. If you have not already joined our private group, Holly’s Pilates Village Group, please search for it on Facebook groups and ask permission to join. There is no charge to join or access the practices.

Update 3/20/2020

We're having fun with remote classes! This is Claire Greenlee teaching ... Bones Level 2 today. Next week we'll have some of our regular classes going.


Update 3/17/2020

Holly has prepared a special video message for you.

How to Participate in Group and Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Email us a copy of the new Confirmation and Liability Waiver for Off-Site Instruction. Note that this is separate from the liability waiver that you signed for on-site instruction at the studio. Click here to get the form.

Read the instructions for remote access and follow the steps to prepare for your group or private sessions

Please continue supporting our studio during this difficult time! And please stay well until we meet in person again.

Update 3/17/2020

To Everyone in the Holly’s Pilates Village Community,

We closed the studio to on-site instruction on March 16 in response to the COVID-19 situation. However, we remain committed to helping you stay healthy through smart movement and exercise. We know how much you count on instruction and guidance from our highly trained and talented teaching team. And we value our ongoing and personal relationships with each of you.


We are preparing the shift to virtual instruction through a free online platform – You can participate in MANY group classes and private and semiprivate instruction from the comfort of your home! We are test-driving the platform this week and should be ready to roll soon.


More than ever, we all need to keep our bodies, minds, and spirits in good condition. Exercise improves our immune systems and reduces stress. Just as important are the emotional connections that we have cultivated through our strong and caring community.

How to Stay Connected

To join our Facebook community forum, go to Groups and type in "Holly’s Pilates Village Group.” This is different than our regular Facebook page. In this private forum, we will share updates about the class schedule, news about community members, and short workouts that you can do at home outside of class time. 

Additionally, you can always reach us by calling the studio at 502-409-4200.

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