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Those Who Sweat Together, Stay Together


Did you know that people who regularly attend group exercise classes are happier and more satisfied with their workouts than those who don't?

That's one of the findings from Fitness Trends in America, Mindbody’s 2020 Wellness Index, which looked at the exercise habits of 20,000 Americans from large cities. In short, the survey found that "those who sweat together, stay together."

The report identifies social wellness, which focuses on connecting with friends, family, and community, as a key component to healthy living.

"Being healthy means achieving a complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being--and it takes wellness to get there," the report reflects. "'Wellness' isn't a box to check or destination to reach. It's an ongoing journey toward a healthier mind and body."

The report found that nearly half of people in all age groups surveyed work out at least three times a week. Men are more likely than women to meet this ideal. Millennials (adults ages 23-38) spend the money most on fitness -- $51 or more a month -- yet all age groups get in about the same number of workouts each week on average.

"From Older Gen Z to Young Boomers, fitness is an important part of America’s routine," the survey revealed.

People who exercise more than once a week also report having closer relationships with friends and family. Top motivators for active adults include the desire to:

  • Live a long and healthy life

  • Be strong and fit

  • Look better

By contrast, people who work out less than once a week said that they primarily exercise to:

  • Control weight

  • Feel good

  • Reduce stress

The report looked at the types of exercise that Americans practice, separating them into fitness classes that stress heart-pumping cardiovascular work and mindful movements that focus on slower, calmer exercises that promote strength, balance, and flexibility. Dance, such as the Nia classes offered at Holly's Pilates Village, is the most popular form of fitness exercise. And four of the top six mindful movement classes are also available at the studio, including Gentle/Restorative Yoga, Mat Pilates, and Pilates Reformer classes. See all of our current offerings at:

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