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Pilates Proves Effective for Surgical Recovery

Did you know that Pilates offers many ways to prepare your body for surgery and to help you recover afterward? Physicians, physical therapists, and other health professionals routinely refer their patients to our studio because we specialize in helping people recover from knee, hip, shoulder, and back surgery, among other conditions. The Pilates repertoire focuses on balanced movements that enable muscles and joints to work in alignment. It also creates stabilization so that weaker muscles can get stronger and overworked muscles can relax their tensions. For example, Alice Bradford used Pilates to prepare for foot surgery and then to recover more quickly afterward. Because she wanted to be able to get in and out of a wheelchair and up and down from exam tables more easily, Alice worked with Pilates Teacher Jessica Goldstein to strengthen her upper body and core muscles. Her medical team repeatedly said she was far stronger than other patients in her age range, and Alice credits her regular Pilates practice for her good conditioning.

Similarly, Molly Purcell was able to resume her lessons with Pilates Teacher Deena Neimat three weeks after surgery and says she has never felt better. She especially loves working on the CoreAlign because of the way the equipment emphasizes dynamic stabilization through movements that mimic our everyday activities. "You all have helped me regain my life," Molly says. "I am so very grateful for the amazing people you have collected. Instructors, clients, and Barry are all so welcoming and supportive. Those qualities are so very important when one is in pain or recovering, as all wounds need support to heal."

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