April 2017

Healthy Movement & Fitness        

Meet Molly Mitchell!

We’re thrilled to have Molly join the teaching group at Pilates Village. Molly is a Louisville native returning from a 10-year sojourn in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she initially migrated for her MFA in Textiles at California College of the Arts.  She worked for the college for five years, managing the craft programs by day and continuing her costuming and performance practice in her free time. Pilates came into her life in the form of a lunchtime mat class and proved a powerful antidote to the joint stresses of dance and the low back pain from a sedentary computer job. She began her teacher training in 2011 with Tom McCook at Center of Balance, which began a slow life pivot toward immersion in the movement and healing arts. Molly left her desk for good upon receiving her Comprehensive Pilates Certification from Balanced Body University in 2015 and spent two years teaching full time at EHS Pilates in San Francisco and Rise Bodyworks in Alameda, where she specialized in and deepened her studies of rehabilitative work. Her training includes Foot and Gait Therapy, Pilates for Scoliosis, Pilates for Dancers, Preggo Pilates, and CoreAlign.


"Pilates was one of the few things I could do while I was in pain and feel better at the end of the hour,” Molly says. “Any problem I had or imbalance I identified, Pilates gave me tools to work through it, which was very empowering when I couldn't do my dance classes and wasn't getting good answers from my teachers or conventional medicine. As I got stronger, Pilates grew with me and became the practice that could take me farther toward my dance goals than before I was injured. Because of these experiences, my priority as a teacher is to meet clients where they are and find creative ways to build a path to where they want to be." 

In the interest of offering clients more options toward wellness,  Molly is 

at the Louisville School of Massage and hopes to eventually integrate Pilates and manual therapy in her training sessions. She also enjoys climbing aloft in aerial arts classes as often as her arms can stand. Life outside the gym and school includes hiking, sewing, knitting, and rainbow hair (this month's color is blue).

Expanding our Buff Bones® Classes

You asked for it, and we heard you! Because of the high demand for our Buff Bones® workouts, we will add some other time slots and options starting this month. Teresa Willis will teach Buff Bones® reformer Mondays at 10:30 a.m. and Tuesdays at 6 p.m.


Meanwhile, we will continue to offer chair-based Buff Bones® class on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. with Holly Holland, Buff Bones® Wednesdays at 12 p.m. with Claire Greenlee, and Buff Bones® reformer on Saturdays at 11 a.m. with Holly Holland. Although all the classes are safe for those with osteoporosis, they are challenging and beneficial for everyone.

Supporting Claire

Many of you have asked how you might assist Claire Greenlee and her family while she is undergoing treatment at the Mayo Clinic.  Her friends have set up a Caring Bridge site where you care sign up to receive updates, as well as sign up to help with meals and donate to defray the costs of her extensive treatment.  To view the site click here.

While Claire is away, we will have the following substitutes for her classes:

Wednesday 12 pm            Buff Bones®                         Holly Holland

Thursday 9:30 am             Intermediate Reformer        Julie Gahm

Thursday 11:30 am           Mixed Equipment                 Jessica Goldstein

Friday 12:00 pm                Jumpboard (Adv)                 Molly Mitchell

Introduction to Pilates - The Core Four

Want to get a jumpstart on a regular Pilates practice? Pilates Village is pleased to announce The Core Four, a series designed to get you ready for group equipment classes. Build a strong movement foundation and become familiar with beginning Pilates exercises on the Mat, Arc, Cadillac, Reformer, Springboard and Chair over the four-week progression. The course is open to new students who do not have injuries or movement limitations*, as well as continuing students who would like to refresh and deepen their understanding of the Pilates repertoire. Each course will be limited to four participants to allow for more individual feedback. Special price: 4 classes for $90. Taught by Molly Mitchell.

Section 1: Mondays at 7 pm, May 2 - May 23 

Section 2: Sundays at 11 am, May 14, May 21 (No class May 28 Memorial Day weekend) June 4, and June 11

*New students with injuries or limitations are urged to complete the studio’s regular Introductory package, working one-on-one with an instructor. Staff may ask the prospective student for The Core Four to complete our introductory $45 solo session to determine readiness for The Core Four. All new students must complete either the 5 private introductory package or The Core Four and obtain their instructor's endorsement prior to joining all levels group equipment classes.

MOTR® Units for Sale

Meet our Cleaning Genie, Donna Habig-Sachleben!

Although you rarely see her because of her nocturnal hours, you undoubtedly have observed her great work everywhere in the studio. We are so grateful to have Donna Habig-Sachleben helping us behind the scenes. Donna also has a fascinating life outside of Pilates that we wanted to share.

“I walked my first marathon (Disneyworld) in 1999 as part of Leukemia Society's Team in Training to honor my cousin who died of Leukemia when she was 25 years old,” Donna says. “I met some racewalkers out on the course who introduced me to the sport and I tried to teach myself the technique through videos and books.  At the Little Rock marathon in 2007 (where I took first in the women's walking division), I followed the advice of a fellow walker and attended a racewalk clinic hosted by Dave McGovern, a renowned coach and top American walker. He has been my coach for the past 10 years, and I am a member of his World Class Racewalking team.  My goal is to eventually marathon in all 50 states. I've completed 32 marathons in 28 states; next up is Fargo, North Dakota in May.

"As far as my ballroom dancing, I have always wanted to give it a try since watching a competition on PBS when I was a teenager (I really wanted to wear the beautiful gowns more than I wanted to dance!).  My husband, Roy, and I took a few lessons before our wedding in 1995 and I was hooked (he, however, did not share the joy of dancing). In 2007, I began dancing at Bravo Dance Studio here in Louisville and have been lucky to compete in several Pro/Am competitions with my coach, Alex Ioukhnel.
I feel so lucky to have been introduced to Pilates! It has helped to improve my posture and my core strength, which has been so very beneficial in both of the sports that I so enjoy.”

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